Why We Started Against the Grain.

After realizing that 99% of pet foods in the market are all of the same type, which is: an inferior manufacturing process, non-unique ingredients, and designed to be cost-effective where pet nutrition is not the number one priority. So we started Against the Grain, and we do exactly as our name suggests: make food that is second to none, and completely unique, revolutionary, evolutionary, nutritious, and wholesome. We first came up with what would be required to make the BEST bio-available pet food available, then developed the manufacturing to make the best pet food cost-effective. The criterion for our pet foods is:

  2. Nutritionally superior food using only whole, fresh, non-processed ingredients
  3. Ensuring all nutrition is biologically available
  4. Ensure that maximum palatability for the culinary pleasures and increased quality of life of our companion pets.

We are a family-owned and operated company, and truly consider our pets a part of our family. We would do anything to ensure the life, health, and happiness of our family, and therefore have created a pet food that is of the quality our pets need.

Why We’re Different.

Against the Grain pet foods is undisputedly comprised of the highest quality products available, in which no other company can compare. Our hand-shredded canned foods let you see our high standards once the can is open. We have taken a totally unique approach with how we have designed our products.

Unlike 95% of other brands, Against the Grain actively participates in the manufacturing process of its products. This gives us accessibility and the ability to create totally unique and innovative products. Our manufacturing plant adheres to the highest standards of preserving our natural resources. For example, the use of natural light (skylights) is dominant throughout our plant, we have the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging, all packaging materials are recycled, resulting in our conscious efforts to be socially and economically responsible.

Meat Based. Not Carbohydrate Based.

Against the Grain is meat-dominant, using at least 85% real meat, and includes only the freshest, whole, unprocessed meats, fruits, and vegetables. We never use meals, dehydrated, or rendered ingredients.

Zero to Minimal Preservatives.

Of course, there are ZERO preservatives in our unique hand-made canned foods. We simply use fresh meat, fish, and fruits and vegetables to serve your pets the most optimal nutrition possible.

Furthermore, all ingredients are minimally processed. Our canned foods are packed by hand using whole meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables, then slow cooked to create a delectable dinner simmered in gravy.